Things To Buy From Us

Besides our time, you can also buy pre-made software from us!
Some products that we provide, usually to our consulting customers:
Interview Engine Clean Data Collection
An AJAX-capable (or classic WebForms) engine for collecting data from users in a wizard like interview. Data scrubbing and complex validation rules.
DRACO® Computation Engine
Designed for computing on XML data. A custom language that compiles to MSIL and runs on .NET
Template Engine Adaptable PDFs
Binds XML data to your PDF documents with complex logic rules for data display. Stiches together documents. Supports e-Signatures too!
Schema Explorer® Understanding XML Schema
A desktop installable tool for searching and understanding the ACORD XML schema. Also supports BizTalk schemas.
Intelligence Engine Third Party Data Tools
A .NET library that interacts with EDI systems to collect consumer commerce intelligence.
CUP Parser Generator
A Free (Open Source) .NET tool for generating parsers.
HyperQ Reinforcement Learning
A multi-level, multi-state Q learner for .NET