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Here are the products that we shared with our clients. Each of our products is designed with the utmost care for quality and stability.

Beyond Ordinary SchemaExplorer

Beyond Ordinary Interview Wizard

Beyond Ordinary Template Engine

Beyond Ordinary DRACO



Migrating your database to a new server, or switching to a new database technology? You need to run tests on that database to make sure that it can handle the load you are giving it today. You could spend thousands of dollars on fancy UI tools that do the same thing that this little java application can do for you. Yes, believe it or not, it's free, and it works! We let our clients use it when they need to migrate database technologies, and they all love it.

  • Automates simple SQL database testing.
  • Java (JDBC) interface for portability.
  • More ...

CUP for .NET

The CUP parser generator is a LALR grammar processing engine that produces fast and efficient parsing code. Being very similar to YACC, CUP allows you to specify complex LALR grammars, and link to a custom lexicographic scanner.

  • LALR Grammar Generation.
  • 100% .NET implementation in C#.
  • Generates C# code.
  • More ...

Metrics Code Library

A supported code library written for .NET using C# that provides logging, software licensing, performance metrics, and some basic programmer support tools.

  • 100% .NET implementation in C#
  • Used in all of our products!
  • Eash to program performance library with simple reporting.
  • More ...


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Beyond Ordinary helped us deliver our business to the web. Their low cost automation model truly was a boon to our success.

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