Beyond Ordinary Electronic Forms Template Engine

Bind data to PDF, stitch up documents, and sign them!
Beyond Ordinary Template Engine

The Template Engine is a runtime-configurable engine that generates PDF documents. We currently support the ABCpdf engine version 11 from, and iText, with plans to support other PDF engines as required. Our framework is light-weight and easily extended to any PDF engine that supports PDF document merge and forms.

Integrating The Electronic Forms Template Engine is as simple as referencing the DLLs, which are automatically installed into the Global Assembly Cache on your developer machine. Once you have the references in your project, you add the configuration sections to your Web.config file. From the Web.config file, you will tell the engine where to find your templates.

Your TemplateConfig.xml contains the specifications for the templates you are trying to generate. A template configuration file can be very complicated with many rules that determine how form fields are pre-populated. The engine supports a variety of boolean operations that can be nested to create complex conditional logic.

Easy Configuration

Drops into your existing projects with a little bit of organization of the configuration files. Once you've setup the configuration, you're only editing document configuration XML files.

  • XML Configuration for runtime updates and eash mapping of form elements to data paths.
  • Data paths are XPath queries.
  • Powerful rules engine to allow for conditional data mapping and data translation.
  • Supports table driven dynamic output.
  • Works perfectly with PDF form elements, which are common to the ACORD Forms!
  • Requires Microsoft's .NET platform
  • Supports stamping of PDFs so users can't change form field data.
  • Allows you to stich together complex PDF documents into a single document.
  • Iterative PDF document generation based upon rules for selecting templates.
Compatible with Many Modalities

This product can be used with desktop applications, web applications, SAAS web services, you name it. Given some data in an XML file, this engine can stitch up and configure your documents, making them ready for e-Signatures.

Electronic Forms Template Engine Pricing

Not a subscription! You will pay a 25% maintenance fee on your pricing, though, if you want to get updates and such. Otherwise, you can actually pay a single fee and get software. Wow, how unique is that?

  • .NET 4.7.2 or better
  • $1,599 per web site. $8,999 for a enterprise-wide unlimited use license.
  • Wanna talk to a human? 50% of your licensed cost, per year, for that level of support.
  • OK with just web docs and getting updates? 25% of your licensed cost.