24 Years

Operating since 2000, on the Internet since 1990, we've seen it all. We were there when the World Wide Web started.

Software solves problems for people who want to free themselves from mundane tasks.

Automation and trust in software are tantamount to success.

In every project the work starts with a chore that a bunch of people want to be rid of doing. Through software automation and trust computing, these people can leverage free time to do more involved tasking that requires deeper ingenuity.

Writing software for over 30 years

Insurance needed help with data security and compute modernization.

We brought a higher standard of computing and security to our clients.

Through data automation and elevated security, trust was established between disparate systems. We helped integrate those systems and influenced the use of secure data scrubbing and reliable system automation. Our software has written billions in insurance premium.

Data security is our baseline

Adapting to changing compute platforms and methodologies is the key to longevity.

Commodore, Cray, Silicon Graphics, and others who paved the way for today.

We've computed on nearly every kind of platform, from CRAY super computers, to the smallest of phones (the Tattoo). Our software methods have evolved through the years to target platforms that take consumers to the future. You've probably used software that was written by us.

First principles and a strong commitment to quality

Everthing needs a little lipstick to get attention.

Distinction and flare build markets.

A little lipstick can go a long way. You might have an aging back end system that holds your entire million-dollar enterprise, and it's not going away. What you need is a little lipstick to make your enterprise stand out again, look distinctive and noticeable. We are the lipstick.

First principles and a strong commitment to quality
Mayan Tiles

We made the Mayan Tiles game, which was a sliding tile game that used iconography from Mayan number calligraphy. The goal of the game was to arrange the tiles in a predetermined order. You could only peek at the solution a finite number of times. This game used the Cocos-2D XNA game engine, which we also developed and supported.

Santa Shooter

Santa Shooter was the first x-platform game using Cocos-2D XNA and MonoGame we developed for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. This game was filled with active graphics, a rudimentary AI for the Santa that we could program, and a performance graph that noted how fast you were throwing snowballs.

Schema ExplorerTM

Schema ExplorerTM is a productivity tool designed to help the insurance enterprise in their adoption of the ACORD message standard. This tool's current release focused on Property and Casualty, but could support other types of insurance as needed.

Team Feast

Quite some time ago, to address the need for managing volunteer signups, we created Team Feast. This nifty little web site replaced the annoying spreadsheets and signup documents that were pervasive at the time. Today, there is a billion dollar industry built around this notion.


Before the kanban revolution, we created a quick and easy tool for organizing projects using a card bulletin-board layout. It proved to be a fun project and nice tool for small project organization. It never scaled well to large projects that are common in software consulting.


SCIAASTM was built in 2012 as a callable science platform. We setup dense computing resources and some job scheduling software to manage the on-demand asynchronous processing of compute intensive jobs.

A long and eclectic history of solving problems.

There are many more projects to showcase, most of which can't be shared. Behind the scenes, we write the software that you probably use every day. If you've bought insurance over the web then you've likely used software written by us. If you bought a fancy sports car, then you've probably used software that we worked on. Did you play a game on your phone? That too.