Our Audience

These are the markets and users who have benefited from our software. Those not listed are always welcome to join the show!

Property and Casualty (auto/home) insurance that you, the direct consumer, and your agencies will purchase from our customers. We write systems that integrate with micro- and mini-frame computers, glue together disparate data protocols, and create front-end experiences that are easy to use.


Game frameworks are fun, and we like fun. The Cocos-2D XNA game framework that we supported continues to this day to be used in games across many platforms. The every day person, like your mom, has enjoyed these games.

Machine Learning

People. People consume the output of Machine Learning. Our models are used to dilute noise and find interesting trends and signals in that cacophony of noise. Our customers are business people and every-day consumers who are interested in knowing what might happen tomorrow.


Businesses concerned with their perimeters, their user's usage habits, or with threats from all fronts. We have helped many to understand their threat profiles and secure their digital borders.