Who likes to work with us?

Beyond Ordinary believes investing in human capital creates success stories

We encourage our employees to continue their education journey, find additional training, certifications, and ultimately continue to rewrite their story. Through on-line enrollments, in-person attendance, and continuous professional improvement, both the actor and the craft will benefit. This is our philosophy at Beyond Ordinary.

Programmers C#, C, Python, HTML/CSS
You like to solve problems!

We are always looking for excellent programmers with positive can-do attitudes who are able to balance their work and personal life. We do most of our work in C# and Python, but there are occassional C/C++ projects.

Graphic Artists Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML/CSS
You understand usability!

We are always looking for experienced functional artists that can interface successfully with programmers to create practical user experiences.

IT Administrator Certifications, Windows, Linux, IBMi
You know about many platforms!

We don't operate a homogeneous network so we need people who can administer across platform boundaries easily. There is no help desk at Beyond Ordinary, just creative people who know how to manage themselves. Our customers need you to ensure the smooth operation of their managed systems.

Send us your resume and a little narrative about your journey

We want to know about your journey, where you've gone, and where you want to go. Your time with us will be temporary, and we want to enjoy it too! Send us email at jobs at beyond hyphen ordinary dot com