Beyond Ordinary Intelligence®

Capture critical 3rd party commerce data and integrate it easily.
Beyond Ordinary Intelligence® Engine

In today's business world, you need to know as much about your subscribers and customers as you can. With so many opportunities realized through the World Wide Web, you need a system that can provide point-of-sale support as well as back-end integration with third party intelligence.

Traditionally, you would need a mini- or main-frame computer to communicate with intelligence providers. This added more overhead to your already inflated IT budget, cutting your margins, and erroding your profitability. This kind of big-iron meant hiring expensive support personnel who knew the technology and how to keep it running, adding even more costs to your IT department.

Not anymore. The Beyond Ordinary Intelligence(TM) Framework is a runtime configurable system that allows you to get access to real-time intelligence reports without having to use big-iron intermediary systems. Our technology digests the legacy EDI data into an easy-to-read XML format, making it quickly available to your point-of-sale and back-end processing systems.

Using XML means you can re-use that intelligence information with other back-end systems that were developed with the Internet in-mind. In addition to all of this, storing the XML data into a database makes future-technology adaption even easier. All you need is a simple stylesheet to transform the XML into any future formats. What could be easier?

What's Inside

What do you get with this framework? In addition to a robust object model for accessing the report in a programmatic fashion, you get:

  • An extensible framework that you can modify and extend to support the ever changing reporting specifications of ChoicePoint, ISO, TransUnion, and other providers of intelligence.
  • An event-based monitoring architecture that allows you to record all transactions, which helps you to comply with the replay requirement in some states of the USA.
  • Of course, XML! All reports are accessible as XML documents in addition to the robust object model.

  • Runtime configuration of your specific account details! Now you can get rid of those hard-coded account numbers and node IDs because our configuration system is easy to use and highly extensible to meet your professional requirements.
  • Support! We help you integrate the framework into your application and send you updates to the software on a continuing basis.
  • Web Services - All intelligence bureaus require a VPN connection to request interactive reports. This framework provides an optional web service interface so you can locate the reporting server behind your own firewalls, preventing unwanted infiltration to the intelligence bureaus.
Beyond Ordinary Intelligence® Pricing

Not a subscription! You will pay a 25% maintenance fee on your pricing, though, if you want to get updates and such. Otherwise, you can actually pay a single fee and get software. Wow, how unique is that?

(per CPU)
Beyond Ordinary Intelligence® AL3 (Read-Only): $1,800   $4,900
Beyond Ordinary Intelligence® Credit: $3,500   $7,900
Beyond Ordinary Intelligence® MVR: $3,500   $7,900
Beyond Ordinary Intelligence® Auto CLUE®: $3,500   $7,900
Beyond Ordinary Intelligence® Property CLUE®: $3,500   $7,900
Beyond Ordinary Intelligence® OFAC SDN: $399   $599
Beyond Ordinary Intelligence® Framework: $8,999 per CPU   $28,999 Unlimited
  • .NET 4.7.2 or better
  • This software is only available in the United States of America. To order the CLUE, Credit, and MVR reports, you must have an account with LexisNexis. Proof of this account will be required prior to release of software.
  • CLUE® is a registered trademark of LexisNexis, Inc. Auto CLUE reporting includes Additional Driver Discovery (ADD) and VIN decode.
  • Wanna talk to a human? 50% of your licensed cost, per year, for that level of support.
  • Per CPU pricing is calculated using the number of physical sockets in the computer that have a CPU installed and are active, or per 2 cores in a VM