Beyond Ordinary DRACO®

Dynamic rules and computation on XML data.
Beyond Ordinary DRACO

DRACO®, The Dynamic Rules And COmputation Engine, is our first-class parallel-aware computation engine that is designed for business processing on hierarchical data.

Much of business processing today is done with XML data. Programmers have to write cumbersome APIs to interface with XML DOM data to get their data into usable format. Our developers, who come from extensive business processing expertise, have designed a programming language that is simple and easy to understand. Our DRACO language has explicit commands that make parallel processing of data tasks easier and fast.

The DRACO runtime is designed to take advantage of any number of CPU and PEs (processing elements) on your hardware. So you can expand your hardware and our software will intelligently upgrade itself to take advantage of your upgrade.

Language Tuned for Parallel

   function final_result

     result = 5;
     output "Draco/Test4/PreLoopResult" = result;

     parallel loop 1 to MAXITERS as ID 

        result = result + ID;
        //output "Draco/Test4/Iter$ID$/Result" = result;


Your DRACO code is compiled to C# and MSIL which is then bound into an assembly and runs in your application. It can be served using a client/server architecture, integrated into a web service, or directly into your application. We even provide a secure loading mechanism to ensure that your compiled code is only loaded in a trust environment.

Highly Capable and Extensible

  • Parallel-aware ready for multi-core hardware deployment.
  • Optimized to operate on XPaths and XML structured data.
  • Language constructs that are designed for insurance processing.
  • Loop constructs that allow you to sort and organize data.
  • Safe parallel operations so you don't have to be a parallel processing genius.
  • Tight memory model to reduce memory pressure in high throughput environments.
  • Remoting, TCP/IP Listener, and Web Service hosts for multiple integrations.
  • Remote and secure deployments of code libraries.
  • Requires Microsoft's .NET platform

Beyond Ordinary DRACO® Pricing

Not a subscription! You pay a single licensing fee for the software toolkit, and then a fee per-library you deploy. Your maintenance subscription is 25% of the license amount for full upgrades for all releases, 50% gets you priority support for adding new features and fixing defects.

  • .NET 4.7.2 or better
  • Licensed per-library
  • $5,999 per machine with unlimited CPUs and $49 per compiled code library.
  • Wanna talk to a human? 50% of your licensed cost, per year, for that level of support.
  • OK with just web docs and getting updates? 25% of your licensed cost.