Beyond Ordinary Interview Engine

Capture data from your customers, scrub it, validate it, and integrate it with third party data.
Beyond Ordinary Interview Engine

The Beyond Ordinary Interview Wizard is an ASP.NET web control that prompts the user for a series of web forms that are configured using a highly sophisticated processing and rendering engine.

Business processes, such as mortgage applications, insurance policy applications, vehicle maintenance warranty applications, etc., all require extensive amounts of information to be input by the user. This input must be reliable and validated prior to submission into a back end processing system. Often times, mis-typed information or incomplete information requires human intervention to complete the application process, thus increasing the cost of finding new business. With our Interview Wizard, your data input strategies will be nearly perfect every time.

The Interview Wizard collects data into a hierarchical format, using a data model that you specify and have complete control over. The data model is XPath-like in its ability to find data nodes based upon contextual information.

Classic WebForms Control

Easily drops into an existing page. Callback hooks on the server manage button pressing and validation events as they are triggered. This is a classic post/render interaction that was once the staple of the Web, but is now a lost dinosaur.

Modern AJAX Control

Compatible with Angular, React, or Vue. This nifty server-side controller will make your data collection seem ultra modern and easy to use.

Interview Engine Pricing

Not a subscription! You will pay a 25% maintenance fee on your pricing, though, if you want to get updates and such. Otherwise, you can actually pay a single fee and get software. Wow, how unique is that?

  • .NET 4.7.2 or better (including Net6 and future)
  • 2 Interviews and 5 forms will cost you $2,499 per socket in your server, or per 2 cores in your VM.
  • Each interview license is $250, and each form is $100.
  • Wanna talk to a human? 50% of your licensed cost, per year, for that level of support.
  • OK with just web docs and getting updates? 25% of your licensed cost.