Product Price Sheet

Here is our product price list. All prices are subject to change up to twice per year at the start and middle of the year, e.g. Jan 1 and July 1. Purchases are quoted and priced according to this schedule unless otherwise noted, such as dictated by contractual agreements. Some of our products are available through other market channels. Any discrepancy in price will always favor the lowest published price.

Product Matrix

Product Initial Price Support Additional
Interview Wizard $2,499 per CPU 25% of total cost per year $250 per Interview, $100 per Form
Template Engine $1,599 per web site 25% of total cost per year $8,999 for unlimited enterprise
DRACO $5,999 per instance 25% of total cost per year $49 per rule library
SchemaExplorer $19 per user Free bug fixing

Per Web Site means per single domain name as either a virtual host or virtual application in your web server.

Per Instance means per installation of the software on any hardware regardless of hardware configuration.

Per CPU means per physical socket containig a CPU with one or more cores. In the case of a virtualized server environment, then pricing would be based upon your virtual CPU configuration.



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Beyond Ordinary helped us deliver our business to the web. Their low cost automation model truly was a boon to our success.

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