Beyond Ordinary Interview Wizard

The Beyond Ordinary Interview Wizard is an ASP.NET web control that prompts the user for a series of web forms that are configured using a highly sophisticated processing and rendering engine.

Business applications, such as mortgage applications, insurance policy applications, etc., all require extensive amounts of information to be input by the user. This input must be reliable and validated prior to submission into a back end processing system. Often times, mis-typed information or incomplete information requires human intervention to complete the application process, thus increasing the cost of finding new business. With our Interview Wizard, your data input strategies will be nearly perfect every time.

The Interview Wizard collects data into a hierarchical format, using a data model that you specify and have complete control over. The data model is XPath-like in its ability to find data nodes based upon contextual information.

See the Interview Wizard in action: Demo


  • ASP.NET Server Control Integration with full event model.
  • XML Configuration for runtime change support.
  • Robust embedded logical rule engine that is data aware using XPath queries.
  • Validation, display rules, initializers, knockouts, and custom call outs to your own code.
  • Loosely couples with the host page and allows for custom button actions.
  • Requires Microsoft's .NET platform
  • Tools are provided to extracting paths and display logic automatically.
  • The fastest and most robust interview control available today.
  • Supports HTML5 date and email input form elements!

Sample Configuration

  <control name="textbox">
    <label>Primary Telephone</label>
    <attribute name="maxlength" value="20" />
    <attribute name="size" value="20" />
    <validator name="group">
      <validator name="length">
      <validator name="regex">
          <message>Invalid telephone number format.</message>

Product Information and Purchasing

You can purchase the Interview Wizard by contacting our sales department.

  • Platform: Microsoft ASP.NET 2 or higher
  • License: The standard license includes 2 Interviews and 5 Forms
  • Price: $2,499 per CPU for the control, $250 per interview, and $100 per form.
  • Support: 25% of the license amount gets you full upgrades for all releases, 50% gets you priority support for adding new features and fixing defects.
  • Windows 7, Microsoft Windows, and the stylized logos depicting Windows and Windows 7 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, used with permission.


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Beyond Ordinary helped us deliver our business to the web. Their low cost automation model truly was a boon to our success.

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