Insurance Technology

Insurance is heavily invested in information security and awareness. We recognized this over 10 years ago and have been developing solutions for our clients that are secure and reliable. All of our solutions are designed to protect the insured's private information first and fore-most. All of our clients have benefited greatly from our commitment to security and automation, which has kept their head count under control and scaling favorably with their revenue growth.

Our Solutions

  • Authentication and assurance modules with emphasis on security through encryption.
  • High level data structures for accessing 3rd party data services, e.g. LexisNexis, RiskMeter, AIR.
  • Automated error reporting and recovery handling for the best user experience.
  • Data cleansing with runtime configurable web controls.
  • Multi-core aware and Intel Certified for Multi-Core rating solutions.
  • Integration with email delivery of content
  • Runtime configurable PDF form generation that adapts to your data and works perfectly with ACORD Forms.
  • Reporting, logging, repudiation, and other adjudication components that make monitoring more efficient.

Our pricing is fixed for all components. We don't want any percentages of your revenue and don't want to be your revenue partner. Our software is designed to be integrated into your web application and then run continuously.



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Beyond Ordinary helped us deliver our business to the web. Their low cost automation model truly was a boon to our success.

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