(FREE!) BO Support Assemblies for Code Metrics and Logging

Many of our products and services make use of a core framework that we provide to all of our customers, and the programming community at large, for free. This framework, called the Beyond Ordinary Support Assemblies, provides an API for logging messages, licensing your software, and measuring the performance of your code.

We offer this framework of code to you in the hope that you will find some use for it in your projects. The license allows you to download and install the assemblies, create working modules that directly or indirectly link to these assemblies, and even extend the framework for your own business needs.

The license does not allow you to create derivative works for resale as whole, or in part, as products themselves. This means you can't create another library based upon this library that is for resale. You can create web applications, desktop applications, server extensions, and any other runnable applications that make use of the software in these assemblies.

Here's what you get in the framework:


  • Light-weight logging in the BeyondOrdinary.Logging namespace. This namespace makes it easy to write messages and intercepted exceptions to a log file. Default logging capabilities manage file size and rotation schedules.
  • Easy to use licensing for your software in the BeyondOrdinary.License namespace. We use this same framework to enforce licensing in our applications, and hope that you can find the same use in your own applications.
  • Effective code performance plug-ins that you can use to instrument your existing code and monitor its performanc. The BeyondOrdinary.Metrics namespace lets you track the amount of time a method call takes, or any execution detail that you decide is important. Interesting analysis of the execution details can help you find hot spots in your application, which helps you to develop more efficient code, or track down defects in your architecture.
  • Convenience classes to encode and decode Base64 (not quoted printable encoding), simple XPath utilities, and GZip compression support for in-memory strings.


  • Platform: Microsoft .NET 2 or higher
  • Current Version: 2.0.3
  • Download: 32-bit 64-bit

This product makes use of the CSharpZipLib. Portions of code are (c) copyrighted by the authors of CSharpZipLib.



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Beyond Ordinary helped us deliver our business to the web. Their low cost automation model truly was a boon to our success.

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