Our Software Stack

All of our products are designed to work together. Yet, together, they don't solve your specific software needs, so we offer integration and support services to pull our technologies into your product requirements.

The Pieces

  • Authentication and Authorization : Declarative permission based security
  • Logging and Repudiation : File and DB based logging with tools for specialty logging for repudiation analysis.
  • Rating and Rules Evaluation : Compiled and fully ready for multi-core platform deployment.
  • Interview Integration : Our ASP.NET control integrates easily and is runtime configured with XML rules.
  • Templated PDF generation : XML based configuration of template markup with complex rule based evaluations.
  • Lexis Nexis Integration : High level data structure handling of consumer data from LexisNexis.
  • Runtime Capacity Controls : To ensure your reinsurers are happy, we have real time capacity management tools that prevent you from overwriting your book.
  • Reporting : We have some pre-defined and common reports that are useful for any insurance enterprise.

Most of our components have a database component that is designed for Microsoft SQL Server.



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01 Dec 2011

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01 Nov 2011

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Beyond Ordinary helped us deliver our business to the web. Their low cost automation model truly was a boon to our success.

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