(FREE!) Beyond Ordinary dbFire

This is a simple testing tool that runs from the command line and produces the results of the test run in a simple text file. The tool runs pre-determined SQL queries in a prepared-statement like format. You give it the statement configuration in an XML file, and the tool does the rest.

The following is a sample command line for this tool:

java com.beyondordinary.testfire.Driver -cfg config.xml

The config.xml file starts with the testfire element and contains one or more test elements and one of more dictionary elements. There is a sample config.xml file included in the downloaded ZIP file.

Configuration File Description

The configuration file must contain XML elements described in the follwing table. The structure of the XML configuration file is as follows:

    { test configuration elements }

Element Attribute Description
testfire NONE Document root element
test class Defines the name of the class that implements the test to be run. The only test class provided by the framework is com.beyondordinary.testfire.tests.DBLoadSqlTest
name The name given to this test, useful for referencing in the output file.
repeat Sets the number of times to run this test.
dictionary name The descriptive name of the dictionary used in SQL statement references
value NONE A value known to a particular named dictionary. Multiple instances of this element, as children in the dictionary element, define a set of possible values for a particular reference name.

DBLoadSqlTest Configuration Description

All elements described in this table will occur as children of the test element that specifies its class as com.beyondordinary.testfire.tests.DBLoadSqlTest.

Element Attribute Description
jdbcDriver NONE The class name of the JDBC driver.
jdbc NONE Specifies the full JDBC URL used for connections.
sql NONE Specifies a SQL statement to be run as part of the test. The configuration can have more than one of these elements.
numThreads NONE Specifies the number of threads to use when simulating the load test.
reportFile NONE Specifies the name of the output file for test results.


You can extend the framework to support your own testing requirements by implementing the com.beyondordinary.testfire.ITest interface and referencing your class in the test element's class attribute.

Products: Support Assemblies, uses a Java version of the support assemblies to produce the performance metrics.
Platform: Java
Version: 1.0
Price: FREE
Support: Very limited, unless you want to purchase a support contract. Call or send email to support@beyond-ordinary.com for details. If you send email, we will fix bugs or add features without a contract, just not on a priority basis.

Download Now - 23KB Windows ZIP file containing a JAR file and a sample XML file.



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